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The Perfect Graduation Gift — Only $14.95!

Corporate Ladder 101 Book CoverCorporate Ladder 101:
How to Excel as a New Business Professional covers the bases for new professionals.

It picks up on the practical side of the business world not covered in the formal education of the colleges and universities.  It is a roadmap for professional and personal development and gives new professionals the tools needed to create an image and a reputation that will get them ahead and set them apart from their peers.  It tells them the habits they need to develop and the behaviors they need to avoid, including:

  • How and why to clean up your e-life (social network sites, email and IM names, etc.)
  • The tangled issues of office grapevines, romances, politics, and happy hours
  • Managing your relationships with your boss and your peers
  • Keeping promises, maintaining a great attitude, and practicing ethical behavior
  • And much more…