Corporate Ladder 101: How To Excel as a New Business Professional

by Charles A. Lambert

The Perfect Graduation gift that covers all the bases for new professionals.

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This is the book that picks up on the practical side of the business world not covered in the formal education of colleges and universities.  It is a roadmap for professional and personal development and gives new professionals the tools needed to create an image and a reputation that will get them ahead and set them apart from their peers.  It tells them the habits they need to develop and the behaviors they need to avoid, including:

  • How and why to clean up your e-life (social network sites, email and IM names, etc.)
  • The tangled issues of office grapevines, romances, politics, and happy hours
  • Managing your relationships with your boss and your peers
  • Keeping promises, maintaining a great attitude, and practicing ethical behavior
  • And much more…

What Others Are Saying...

As an HR professional, I believe Corporate Ladder 101 should be a MUST READ for any employer’s ‘on-boarding program’ with college recruits.

— Michelle Carlson, HR Manager

If you're going into the corporate world, Corporate Ladder 101 needs to be a part of every university's career preparation course curriculum. As a therapist in a university setting... [this] book is vital for the millennial generation.

— Jacqueline Keitel, LSCSW

, If you’re going into the corporate world, then this book is a must read. This is what they don’t teach you at school.

— Chris Schild, Entrepreneur, Denver, CO

This is a must read for all college grads. There are certain things that you do not want to learn on a trial by error basis, and this book lays out all the logistics of working in corporate America...

— Anonymous (Barnes & Noble)

Corporate Ladder 101 is a great book for new graduates and will share with some of the people I work with.

— Trish, NC

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